After years of practice dressing myself, my tumultuous relationship with retail shifted dramatically when we had our daughter. Strangely, it was a shift to JOY. I get more joy out of shopping for my daughter than I ever did for myself, and I frankly love shopping for myself.
In the realm of kid fashion, there are fewer rules than for adults. You can mix patterns on top of patterns, statement shirts are less obnoxious when they’re covering baby fat rolls, and knee high socks are the best. (Personality gets amped up 10x when dressing little ones.)  
My professional background isn't in retail. I worked for big financial service companies for almost 15 years. My husband, who is my amazing creative partner, works in the 3D design world and on dumb motorcycles.
Despite very different backgrounds, we are united in what we wanted to create for Sluice/Farbo, and that motivation boils down to familiar scenarios like this: 

A fantastic shirt with the cutest thing ever on it is begging to get put in to your kid's wardrobe rotation. But when you take it off the rack, you see an insane price - given that Junior is going to grow out of it in a couple of months.

You could get that fantastic shirt, but it might mean Mama needs to hold off on getting new jeans for herself. The things we do for our kids, #amiright?

Nope, because that just sucks.

We created Sluice/Farbo to bring some financial sanity to shopping for kids 0-6 yrs. Being smart with your money doesn't mean your mini-me has to wear boring, uncool threads. 

Buying kid clothes should be fun, and it shouldn't have your wallet crying for mercy. 

Oh, and our company name - what does it mean?! It's so exotic, so IKEA, so...mysterious. At first, it was a random moment of inspiration from my husband when I asked what would be a good business name. The more we dug into it, we discovered sluice is a gate for water. It can also mean to rinse or clean, while farbo is similar to the German word for color. When you put the words together, we think of a fresh coat of paint, and nothing seems happier than a combo of kids and paint.

Welcome! We're so happy you're here.