Kid Style: Mix-N-Matching Patterns

I’ll admit, I can be a little conservative when mixing patterns for my own outfits. But, when it comes to mixing patterns for our Little, I’m an enthusiastic supporter. There’s just too much fun to be had! Plus, you increase the number of outfits you can create than if you if were doing matchy-matchy. Now that's a win. If you’d like to get happy with jumbling patterns for your kid too, here are 5 easy tips.

  • Consider Stripes to be a Neutral. Black-and-white stripe is probably the easiest go-to, for boys or girls. I’ve paired our unisex striped elbow patch shirt in a few example combos. Hot tip: leopard print is also considered a neutral!

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  • Keep Pieces in the Same Color Family. When pairing different prints, have the dominant color in each print be the same or in the same color family/tone.  

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  • Use a Neutral to Tame a Wild Print. You could use a stripe as mentioned in #1 above or a solid. For example, a neutral sweater can subdue the craziest patterned romper. 

  • Reverse the Colors. If you have a print that’s predominantly black with white on top, reverse that and put something that’s predominantly white with black on bottom.
  • Don’t Forget the Fun Accessories. A cute bandana, patterned socks, sunglasses, and fun hair clips are all great options. Just keep it in the same color family as the rest of the outfit or in a complementary color; you don’t want your kid to look like Aunt Edna. 


    What’s your favorite way to mix patterns? Anything we missed? Comment below!

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