Kid Style: One Shirt, One Dress and Three Ways to Wear Them

As parents, we all want to get maximum wear out of our kids clothes, but it’s easy to get in a rut. But hey, it can be easy to switch things up and make things seem new if you know a couple of tricks!

We’ve taken two pieces, our Outta This World shirt and our Skate Tank Dress and created three very different outfits. 

For little dudes (or even little girls!),  

Stylish Boys Outfit 1Stylish Boys Outfit 2Stylish Boys Outfit 3


For girls, 

Girls Stylish Outfit 1Girls Stylish Outfit 2Girls Stylish Outfit 3

Kid Outfit Styling Tips

To help get maximum wear out your kid’s clothes, here are our 3 top tips:

  1. Accessories can easily change a look. Try some killer sunnies, a necklace, a graphic bandana/bib, or fun socks.
  2. Pattern mixing for the win. Just because you have a graphic shirt doesn’t mean you can’t pair with it striped pants (Shirt example 1). For more on mixing prints, check out our blog post. Kids are so creative, they’ll probably do this one all themselves!
  3. Consider building a capsule collection, meaning you have a few basics and a few bolder pieces that you can easily mix and match and which will last you through the season.

Where to Shop for Kids Clothes:

Here’s a list of our favorite places to go when we’re not shopping our own store:

  1. For boy and girls, we love Zara. It’s pretty affordable, stylish and has a good selection. I especially like the pants, shoes, and dresses. They also usually have really fun accessories like purses and backpacks. A few of the pieces in our outfit examples came from Zara.
  2. Akid Brand. The ultimate in cool shoes for kids. You’ll get styles you won’t see in kid shoes other places, and the quality is good. We usually get slip-ons which pair with tons of outfits. The trick is to wait for their sales. You can get $70+ shoes for $10!
  3. Tea Collection. We stock up on leggings and pants during their end of season sales. The checkerboard leggings in Girl Outfit 1 is from Tea. A piece we’ve been buying season after season is their moto pants. They really hold up and the style is available for boys and girls.
  4. For baby shoes, Freshly Picked is always a go-to. They have sales now and then, but their Fringe club is really one of the best rewards/membership programs we’ve ever seen.
  5. Hanna Andersson. We’ve found the best deals at their outlet store. This is also a place to get high quality basics, baby clothes and pajamas that you can pass on to other kids when done. Hanna can be on the pricier side so consider joining a BST (Buy-Sell-Trade Group) on Facebook for Hanna where you can score it for less.

Pieces from our store used for this post: Outta This World shirtSkate Tank Dress, black and white sunglasses, heart hair clips, and Dalmatian knee socks.

Do you have a favorite look or a tip for getting maximum wear out of your kid’s clothes? Leave a comment!

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